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The present general terms and conditions of sales are aimed to govern contractual relationships between CACHEMIREADDICT.COM, registered to the RCS of Paris under the number 481 169 399 and the customer described underneath as being the person that makes a distant purchase by intermediate of the web site www.rueducachemire.com, and accepts the present terms and conditions of Sales.
These general conditions of sales specify in particular the conditions of the order, the payment, the delivery and the possible returns management of the products ordered by customers.
The customer can simply, freely and at any moment refer these Terms and Conditions of Sales in clicking on the “Conditions” link. Thus, each order made by a customer will involve the definite and irrevocable agreement of the customer on the entirety of the terms and conditions of sales present hereinafter.


If the customer is willing to order, he will complete, according to the indications provided on the Website, a form available to the customers where there will be information necessary to the customer’s identification and notably his surname, first name, address, telephone number and address e-mail.
The customer having chosen his products shall confirm definitively his order, and with a recap of the order displayed on the screen, in clicking in order to express his commitment and his acceptation of the terms and conditions of sales.
Each order made on the website www.CACHEMIREADDICT.COM will be confirmed to the customer by a email confirmation, or a phone call or by mail.
Before the payment, the order can be cancelled either by the establishment of a new order or by the non-payment of the order amount. After the payment, the order can be cancelled on a simple billing from the customer in the legal revocation period as of the order payment.
The pictures and the description of our products are just used as a guide (in particular the different basis weights of, the prices can change at any time and not any technical mistake and/or typographical could give the right to any complaint from the customer either will incur the company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM.
The company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM advices to its customers that order on one of its website to keep or print of order’s copy until the reception of the confirmation e-mail from CACHEMIREADDICT.COM.


Every purchase made on one of the websites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM are only due during the order. Any product cannot be sent to a customer if this one did not pay 100% of the sailing product all taxes included as well as possible of forwarding charges.
So that any contestation on the amounts payed by the customer can occur, CACHEMIREADDICT.COM always gives to its customer a confirmation of the order recording.
CACHEMIREADDICT.COM keep the right to suspend any order management and any delivery in case of a authorization refusal for a payment by credit card and/or from organisms officially accredited or in case of non-payment and/or fraud and to sue the person(s) concerned.
CACHEMIREADDICT.COM reserve the right in particular to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order that emanates from a customer that did not pay totally or partially a previous order or if a payment litigation is in process.
Any payment delay from an initial payment rejection from a credit/debit card or from another factor will generate an increase of the due amounts with the application of delay penalties equal to the basis bank rate increased by 4 points and enforceable from the day of the delivery and the application of a penalty clause.
CACHEMIREADDICT.COM reserve the right to sue every attempt for the use of fraudulent payment and/or to pay for the litigations of fraudulent payment or any attempt of fraudulent payment amicable by means of a customer’s payment of the due amount, adding possible fees.
The accepted payment are the following France: credit/debit card via ID-Tronic, E-credit card, bank check postal check, money order, transfer payment, paypal, cash in delivery (only in Metropolitan France and Corsica) DOM-TOM: Credit card via ID-Tronic, E-credit card, bank check or postal check, transfer payment, money order, PayPal Abroad: Credit card via 3D Secure or Master Secure Code, PayPal, transfer payment, international mandate.


The web sites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM present the products that are for selling with the necessary characteristics that permit to respect the article L 111-1 of the Consumption Code, which envisage the possibility for the potential buyer to know before the final order essentials characteristics from products who want to buy.
The documents are associated with the products presented on the websites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM (descriptive, technical files, pictures, draws, map, graphics…) are given as a guide and does not incur CACHEMIREADDICT.COM as for the respect of the product’s reality, and cannot reappraise the validity of an order or a sale. As for CACHEMIREADDICT.COM cannot in any case be responsible for the compensation or the repeal of an order following the impossibility to use the purchased product for a incompatible reason with the component (s) of the product.
The products and the prices presented on the websites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM are only valid on the limit of the available stocks and do not give rise to any compensation in case of a rupture or repeal.


The sale price of products are in Euros all taxes included (€ ATI).
The products prices can change at any time. The sale price recouped for the purchase of a product correspond to the one put on line on the moment of the entering up of the order on the website (expect for typographical mistake).
The possible forwarding charges and insurance charges are saddled for the customer and are invoiced in supplement of the sale price of the products.
The customer will always be informed before the definitive entering up of his order about the forwarding charges concerning his order and the payment will be asked to the customer to the total amount of the purchase, integrating the prices of the ordered products and the forwarding charges. Thus, the agreement confirmation for the order payment by the customer involves that this one accepts to pay for the forwarding charges. The forwarding charges cannot account for a valid reason of reconsideration after its definitive entering up.


The products bought on one of the websites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM can be delivered in Metropolitan France (for others destinations, contact with our service).
The delivery will be to the address specified by the customer on his customer account. The delivery will be made by La Poste or by a freight operator. It can only take place once the order is valid by the customer and once the payment is made in its wholeness. CACHEMIREADDICT.COM reserve the right to ask for documentary evidence in certain case before the mailing of an order (EDF invoice, France Telecom, ID) The bank payment centers concerned will give preliminary their payment agreement. In case of a refusal from the payment center, the order will be automatically cancelled.
In case of the customer absence for the delivery, a calling card will be dropped off in his mail box to invite him to draw his package to La Poste or to the freight operator.
The delivery will be considerate made once the first presentation date of the merchandise countersigned by
The customer must verify the correctness of the delivered products during the delivery before signing the delivery order.
Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product in comparison to the delivery order, damaged products, broken products…) has to be written imperatively on the delivery order in the form of « under reserve”, that comes with the customer signature. The customer will have to confirm this anomaly by sending a registered mail in the 2 workdays following the delivery date.
The customer will have to transmit a copy of this mail by fax or by mail to the company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM.
The freight address and telephone number will appear on the delivery order.


Unlike a lot of commercial websites, every products presented on the website rueducachemire.com are in stock. It is a commitment that allows us to bring a bigger trust and satisfaction to our customers day by day. Thus, the lead time is of 48 hours for a delivery in Metropolitan France. You can find the transportation delay details by geographical area on the page delivery and shipping and handling charges.
The lead times will only start on the payment date and/or for the certification of the order’s payment.
In case of force majeure or abnormal events (natural disaster, epidemic diseases, strikes, lock-out, etc…) delaying or forbidding the merchandise delivery, the company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM is relieved of any responsibility.
In any case, the delivery in the lead time can only be made if the customer is due with his duty towards the company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM.
In case of an impossibility from CACHEMIREADDICT.COM to deliver in the indicated delays, the company will offer to the customer a replacement product at an identical price of his purchase or a total refund of his purchase.


The customer will have to express the day of the delivery or no later than the first workday after the delivery at CACHEMIREADDICT.COM, any reclamation for a delivery mistake and/or nonconformity of products in kind or in quality in comparison to the information on the delivery order. Any reclamation made beyond this delay will be rejected.
The wording of this reclamation on CACHEMIREADDICT.COM will be made by registered mail.
Any reclamation not made in the defined rules above and within the delay given will not be taken into account and will free CACHEMIREADDICT.COM of any responsibilities towards its customers.


As of the delivery date of your order, you have a 7-day delay to assert your right for a revocation. However, only the products returned in perfect state and in their original packaging will be refund.
The customer being the only responsible for the package and for its content during the merchandise return, we invite you to take all the necessary dispositions so that you can assure against the risks of losing, stealing or worsening. In order to assure a better package follow-up, you can if you are willing to, ask for a phone number of return to our services.
The products return has to be made under a package assured to the invoice value, in the case of an consignment without insurance, CACHEMIREADDICT.COM will not be responsible for the loss or robbery during the transportation.
The products custom-tailored will not be taken back or changed. On trade, the cost of return and forwarding are the responsibility of the customer.


Every article sold on one of our websites CACHEMIREADDICT.COM are guaranteed 1 year against products defects except contrary indication.


The Company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM will keep the merchandise property until their full payment from the customer. The transfer of merchandise products to the customer is made when the customer fully paid for his products. Yet, during the period between the delivery to the property transfer, the risks of loss, robber or destruction are in charge of the customer.
The failure by the customer of its payment obligations, for any reason, give the company CACHEMIREADDICT.COM the right to require the immediate return of the delivered merchandise at the expense and risk of the customer.


A detailed invoice will be sending with your package. The VAT amount gives the possibility to the companies and professionals to retrieve in the conditions of the Code of Taxes.


The present general terms and conditions of sales written above are governed by the French rights. Any opposition concerning these present general terms and conditions of sales will be present to the one Paris bankruptcy court.
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